Issue 1

Our first issue explores the ways in which contemporary art can interact with the urban landscape and inspire varied experiences of public space. How is public space produced? Who defines it? How does it relate to contemporary art? These are some of the questions addressed by both writers and artists.


  • Amelia Barikin
  • Rex Butler
  • Beth Rose Caird
  • Ella Cattach
  • Søren Dahlgaard
  • Samuel J Davison
  • Elizabeth De La Piedra
  • Marijn Degenaar
  • John Divola
  • Meghan Ellis
  • Christian Falsnaes
  • Fred Fowler
  • Sophie Gearon
  • Ren Hang
  • Helen Hughes
  • Brian Kanagaki
  • Alanna Lorenzon
  • Michael Manke
  • Scott McQuire
  • Daniel Stephen Miller
  • Nikos Papastergiadis
  • Stanislava Pinchuk
  • Julia Rodwell
  • Audrey Schmidt
  • Chloe Sugden
  • Łukasz Wierzbowski
  • Christopher Williams-Wynn


Designed by James Oates

Edited by Chloe Sugden and Christopher Williams-Wynn

Cover image: John Divola, from the ‘Vandalism’ series, 1973-5. Courtesy of the artist.


2013, English
Softcover, 164 pages, 21 x 29.7 cm
Edition of 450