Issue 3

The cultural framework and biopolitics of capitalist globalisation has resulted in an increased concentration on the body as a site of production—in contemporary art as in life. Just as the historical avant-gardes sought to overcome art’s autonomous and isolated relationship to society by way of inviting in the ‘praxis of life’; so do contemporary artists whose focus is bodies and subjectivities. In an ever-emergent bio-economy, it is not just the body, but subjects and their lives that are crucial to value creation.


  • Philip Auslander
  • Dodie Bellamy
  • Eva Birch
  • Cristine Brache
  • Ramsay Burt
  • Travis Chamberlain
  • Amy Charlesworth
  • James Ferraro
  • Karen Finley
  • Andrea Fraser
  • Tim Gentles
  • Isabelle Graw
  • Amelia Groom
  • Aurelia Guo
  • K8 Hardy
  • Chris Kraus
  • Ruth O’Leary
  • Tanja Ostojic
  • Carol Que
  • Ander Rennick
  • Audrey Schmidt
  • Phebe Schmidt
  • Eleanor Ivory Weber
  • Katie West
  • Amelia Winata
  • Jarrod Zlatic


Designed by Clare Wohlnick

Edited by Audrey Schmidt, Chloe Sugden and Zoe Theodore


2016, English