Monica’s Gallery

MONICA’S gallery presents: "SCREAMING; a value assumption, building the ultimate revenge body, and the tyranny of distance; an inter-species investigation; GNIMAERCS'


How can you sit there and think like that queer theorist back hair flick in artificial wind chime halfway down back wearing daisy Dukes flick mane of hair too and fro up and down that beige and blue aisle? Julienne smiles.

My species, and the spider species, come together at this intersection, at the value of queerness and queer pollination theory.

My represented self of the species, and that tarantula our pasts and futures greet with respect and value. The two species, imminent in this moment, exchanging, feeling, reflecting, passing to each other.

'Juliane' takes on the aisle nonetheless, turning heads left to right. Wind chime tinkle theory flick mane too fro half look back with cute cheeky smile into camera.

This live cam will stream at 7:00pm, 19 August, 2016 (GMT+10). After streaming, it will be available as an archive via YouTube.