Ruby McCollister

Aspiring Actress has been gigging for Ruby McCollister (lazy histrionic actor/director? Isn't everyone these days? A slash that separates all artistic titles, yikes) for nearly 3 years and has yet to see any of her work in theaters. Yet, she plugs away with her work knowing it's right and that she's expressing an artistic vision larger than her own. She is after all, working for someone else. Aspiring Actress is a polemic tragedy mirroring Ruby McCollisters own psychology, a chronic post traumatic stress from being raised in Los Angeles. The two are a codependent pair. One can see them on the street sometimes bickering. Ruby finally screaming: who is the director here?

Ruby McCollister is currently represented by Margrit Polack Management.

This live cam will stream at 11:00am, 17 August, 2016 (GMT+10). After streaming, it will be available as an archive via YouTube.