Z. O’Mahoney

“Biography” is a tautological statement in the Greek that is its source language… the word “bios” taken by the anglophone as life, only one part of the whole to the ancient Greeks, who understood it as “political life,” distinct from “zoe” meaning “bare life.” A personal account is thus understood as necessarily political; it is not in the lived experience but in its communication that these distinctions become evident. We speak of bodies as places of production, but the contemporary understanding of the “Western” body is not production through physicalisation where it is “content” that is created: that which is contained… not bodily but as a projection. Our body, our bodies are not contained, our physicality, our physicalities exist beyond our image. The confusion is one of referent and realisation; a theory of language could never conceive of its source. The body politic is that really there is none: there is no physical constitution of statehood, monarchs and oligarchs no longer amounting to the direction for and of the people. We hang onto the language of power long after all its imagery has been reduced to skeumorphisms, obviously anachronistic to the point of being indecipherable. We are not a language, sites of arbitrary valuation though we may be; we may be so reduced only where we are complicit. I will perform as myself to the ultimate dissolution of my identity, a politic of pure entropy, a projection common to the “performance artist” or any other agent whose practised self-awareness overwrites a manifest destiny. You will not have any or all of me.

This live cam will stream at 7:00pm, 21 August, 2016 (GMT+10). After streaming, it will be available as an archive via YouTube.